Setting up a Distributed Autonomous Organization

For this project we are looking for a curious student who wishes to explore the opportunities provided by Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO). The SecureSECO project aims to secure the worldwide software ecosystem by storing data about the software ecosystem in a distributed ledger.

This ledger must be maintained and appended, but that can only be done if the ledger is properly embedded in an organization. For the SecureSECO project we aim to experiment with a DAO, which is governed by its members, who are typically empirical software engineering researchers. What we need for this project is a template for our DAO with an associated set of tools and platforms that we can use to spin up the DAO.

The project thus concerns the following steps:

  1. Inventory which requirements the DAO has.
  2. Establish the available DAO platforms.
  3. Decide on a DAO platform for the creation of our DAO.
  4. Create a first version of the DAO.
  5. Provide an instruction for how to set up the DAO.

The project will be considered successful if all the requirements identified in step 1 are met or could be met with reasonable time investment. The project can start anywhere between today and the 31st of December, 2020.